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If you own or operate a commercial truck, or several, you know how important the right insurance is. Your truck and its driver are out on the road all day, virtually every day, no matter the conditions. You need to get the kind of coverage at the right price that will protect you and your bottom line. That’s where UK Sharpest Quote can be your best resource in getting commercial truck insurance.

When comparing policies for commercial truck insurance, keep these points in mind:

Are you insuring one truck or several?
How many drivers normally operate your trucks, and does each driver have a designated truck, or do you need insurance that covers all drivers in all vehicles?
What do you haul? Some freight is more valuable than others, and some is more fragile or perishable.
How large are your trucks, and what ages are they?
Do they have trailers hitched to them or are they a single unit?
Do you want roadside breakdown insurance? This can be a lifesaver for your company if it gets a stranded truck back on the road quickly.
Are any of your trucks driven by teams, in which case they will have a passenger to protect as well as a driver?
How much liability insurance to you need to protect your business?
How much theft insurance do you need to protect your assets and your cargos?
Do you want insurance that pays your drivers if they’re injured in a work-related accident and can’t work for a time?
Do you need any insurance to cover the transportation of hazardous or potentially environmentally-dangerous chemicals or liquids?
What coverage are you required to have by law?
Do you want complete replacement cost insurance on your trucks, instead of simply their current value?

Part of running a business is protecting that business and its employees. By comparing commercial truck insurance policies and getting the information you need, you can make a smart decision about what type and how much coverage is right for your business, and Sharpest Quote UK can help.

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