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Whether on a competitive basis, for hunting, or just for leisure, horseback riding and horse ownership can be a wonderful experience. However, owning a horse is a huge investment, not just of time and love, but of money as well. It’s important to protect that investment with the right kind of insurance. We can help you compare horse insurance policies, get quotes for horse insurance, and find the most reasonably-priced policy that offers the coverage you need.

There are policies that cover a variety of equine-related issues. For example, there is horse insurance that will protect you if your animal strays or is stolen. There are also policies that will cover the expensive tack and saddlery you’ve invested in if any of it is lost or stolen, as well as protection for trailers or horse-drawn vehicles. You should also make sure that if you’re transporting a horse, your insurances cover it in case of an accident.

Anyone who’s ever owned a horse knows all about vet bills. There are health insurance policies available for both young and mature animals. Depending on the premiums, these policies can save you the owner thousands of pounds in out-of-pocket medical expenses. Many policies even cover preventative care for your horse, what we humans call wellness programs. Other policies offer loss of use clauses, so if your horse can no longer be ridden due to an illness or accident, you can be compensated.

Life insurance for a horse might seem rather odd, but think about it. This isn’t a goldfish that you will quietly flush and forget when its short life comes to an end. A life insurance policy for your horse will help you recoup some of the monies that are otherwise lost when your animal dies.

Finally, what about the rider? Whether you’re the owner letting the neighbor’s child ride your horse or you’re a rider who goes every week to the local stable, liability and injury insurance are vital ways to protect yourself in case of an accident or injury. If you board other people’s animals or if you’re boarding your horse at another location, insurance is one of the best ways to protect yourself, your animal, and any other parties involved.

As with all types of insurance, your individual needs will vary. However, we can help you find a variety of companies, all offering the information and quotes you need to make the right decision about horse insurance.

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