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A static caravan, sometimes called a mobile home or a trailer home in the U.S., is a wonderful option for holidaying families, especially for those who want to enjoy seaside or mountain accommodations without the expense of a hotel or resort. Static caravans can be moved from one location to another and set up on foundations, hooked up to water and electricity, and enjoyed by a group that then has all the comforts of home. Some static caravans are even being marketed as a comfortable, low-cost retirement habitation.

If you own or rent a static caravan, you need to have the right insurance. Sharpest Quote can help you find cheap online quotes for static caravan insurance.

First you'll want liability insurance for when your caravan is on the road, so to speak, being moved from one place to another. If someone should hit your caravan as you're moving it to its permanent seaside base, you could face a devastating loss.

You'll also want the kind of insurance on your static caravan that you have on your home property. This includes fire coverage, vandalism, and theft of possessions. You may also want special coverage for fittings or fixtures, and/or lock coverage if you have to have a new lock installed on your static caravan's door.

If you're renting a spot to park your caravan, you need to know what insurance the owner of the land has and what it covers for you. Often, that's not much. Don't rely on someone else to offer coverage when you're staying in a static caravan. Make sure you have the protection you and your family need.

What if you rent out your caravan? Many people who own static caravans do rent them as holiday homes for friends or even total strangers. That's great, BUT as the owner, you need to be covered. What if a renter falls and hurts himself while in the shower of your static caravan? What if a renter takes a real holiday and trashes the caravan's interior? You need static caravan insurance that will pay for the damage and get your holiday home back to normal.

Yes, a static caravan can be a low-cost and delightful holiday home. Make sure you can have a fun and relaxing experience by getting online and comparing static caravan insurance quotes through Sharpest Quote.

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