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If your business involves transporting other people to take care of their business, you’re a taxi driver. Maybe you’ve got a little sedan that gets people to the pub and home safely. Maybe you’ve got a van with plenty of luggage room that makes airport trips. Perhaps you even have an elegant limo for those VIP passengers. Whatever you drive, you want insurance that protects you, your vehicle, your passengers, and anyone else on the road. You need to get a quote for taxi insurance.

Online quotes for taxi insurance can help you find the coverage you need. Some types of coverage include:

Public liability insurance. If you contract with parents to take their child to school, you’re responsible from the moment the child gets into your vehicle until he or she goes onto the school’s property. What if the child gets hit in the street? That’s on you, and that liability can wipe you out. No matter what kind of service you offer, you need public liability insurance to protect yourself from costly lawsuits.

Public hire vs. private hire taxis. If you run a public hire taxi service, that means you can park by a curb or on a corner, and anyone can walk up to your vehicle and get in, tell you where they’re going, and be on your way. A private hire taxi service is one that is specifically hired for a certain event or trip; it can’t just pick up clients on the street. Both types of service need good insurance to protect everyone involved. You can compare online taxi insurance quotes for both public and private services.

Short-term taxi insurance. Maybe you only want to drive a taxi during peak tourist season. Maybe you’ve lost your regular job and want to supplement your income for a few months. You can get online quotes for short-term taxi insurance, policies that will suit your needs without tying you down to a full year’s worth of premiums.

Minibus insurance. If you drive a six-person or more vehicle for transport purposes, you need the right insurance to protect you, the vehicle, and all the passengers. Minibus insurance can give you that protection.

Taxi fleet insurance. You’ve got a thriving business with a whole fleet of taxis and drivers. Get online quotes for the right taxi fleet insurance and know that everyone and every vehicle in your garage is protected.

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