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Being self-employed has many perks, including the fact that you like your boss! However, self-employed individuals also have a real responsibility to themselves and the loved ones dependant on them, to ensure that there are financial protections in place if illness or injury prevents you from earning a living. That’s not a remote possibility; each year, nearly 1 in 10 people become disabled for six months or more due to accidents or illnesses.

While there are some programs for people who become permanently disabled, what happens if you can’t work for a month—or two—or three? For many people, such a period of unemployment could spell financial ruin. Self-employed income protection insurance is one option to help you protect your livelihood if something unfortunate happens.

Self-employment insurance typically pays anywhere from 50% to 70% of your pre-tax income. If you are ill or injured and can’t work for yourself, you can obtain a doctor’s notice and file for benefits under a short-term insurance plan. Different plans offer different benefits, of course, and the premiums can vary as well, depending on the level of benefits and how soon after an injury the policy begins to pay. However, no matter which option works for your budget, if you work for yourself, you owe it your “best employee” to protect your income with an insurance policy.

There are many companies in the UK that offer excellent and competitive policies for the self-employed. As a consumer, it’s important you do compare both the tangibles (cash) and the intangibles (customer service, how quickly claims are settled, and the ethical reputation of the company, for example).

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